Monday, December 07, 2009

Venus Animation

Bella, Emily, Georgia and Olivia worked on this next animation. I had a 2010 planning day so was unable to lend a hand apart from about three minutes at lunchtime.

They must have worked together really well because when I went back to my classroom at 4pm the finished video was there waiting for me to upload it.

Someone said that the Blogger video wasn't playing well for them at home so I suggest that you look on the Venus page on the wiki or I have embedded the YouTube version here as well so you can compare the two. Which do you like best and why?

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NZWaikato said...

I have looked at both videos and they are working perfectly fine, they are so professional, the dialogue is crisp, informative and creative. I can't see the people presenting obviously, but I can hear the expression in their voices which I think is really important! Great work again Appleby School!