Sunday, April 05, 2009


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Sefton helped us to make an eeling net to catch an eel in the river. How to make an eel net. You will need wire netting, pliers and meat. First you will have to cut about half a metre of wire, then tie it togeter until you stick the meat in the net. Then you close the end up.

When we put the net in the water all the blood leaked from the ox meat into he river. The next morning the eel net was empty and the morning after that there was an eel in there.

Sefton got out his conker and smacked it on the head and made it unconscious. He skinned it and gutted with his really sharp knife. Anyone who wanted to hold it got their photo taken.

Sefton took it home and smoked it and brought to school on Monday for us to try. Jake didn't feel like trying to eat it but Torbea decided to and he said that he thought it was a delightful taste sensation.

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Mr Wood said...

That looks very tasty, you have taught me something about eeling by sharing your learning on your blog. Thank you.