Friday, July 31, 2009

Nadia's Yesterdays

This is a very very old stool. It belonged to my grandad and now it is my uncle's.
This used to be my great grandad's watch in World War One, I think it was.
The cup was my grandad's wedding present.
The car and the lawn mower are in the shed and they don't go any more.
The pot plant is my great, great, great grandad's plant. It has been in the family ever since over a hundred years.
These drawers were made from three trees cut down to build our house. The left overs were made into other furniture around the house.
When my mum was a little girl she had a friend who made toys and clothes and she made this toy for my Mum. He is called Big Dog.


Anonymous said...

I like your car Nadia by Tullamore

Anonymous said...

My mum has an old bear stuffed with straw


Anonymous said...

Wow Nadia you took a picture of a very old plant and it's still alive that must be a pretty amazing plant to still be alive. Maisie .p