Friday, July 03, 2009

Rachel's New Horses

A while ago I had a day off school and I went to Murchison and picked up two horses. Their names are Pickles and Sonic. They settled at their new paddock very well and are very good.
This is David on Sonic on the day we were going on a ride. Sonic is a very small horse and he is very cute but he can be a toad sometimes.
Pickles is a standard breed and he has learned how to pace and he is very big. He is very spirited. He is good on his feet and nice and stable.

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Zoe's Mum said...

Rachel, we think you are very lucky to have 2 horses of your own. Zoe loved having a ride on them in the school holidays. Thankyou for sharing them. You will have to start selling horse poo for pocket money. It is good for the garden! Do you think you could take orders?