Friday, June 23, 2006

Shearwater Bell

Dong dong today our class just finished reading a fantastic book called Shearwater Bell. The Shearwater Bell is about a girl called Rona who has to go stay with her Grandma who she has never meet.

And while she was there she meets a boy called Wiri and together they go adventuring together.

This photo is a page of a very old diary that Wiri found.

We thought that the book was interesting and we all wanted to read it all in one day.

By Tyler and Tim


Anonymous said...

I thought I had lost that book forever and I am happy that my great x6 grandson found it.

Jonathan Trevarren

Anonymous said...

Ruby told me about it and it sounds awesome. I think I might get it to add to the family library.


AllanahK said...

It was written by Margaret Beames. She wrote Josef's Bear as well. I read to Emily last year. We are looking to finishing a podcast on it in the last week of school.

Miss K