Monday, July 27, 2009

Pa Mai To Reo Aroha

Today as an fun thing to do to start Maori Language Week we learnt to sing and do the actions to the waiata Pa Mai. The only change we made was where the song sings about Rotorua- we changed it to Wakatu so we could sing about Nelson. We did lots of things all at once. We copied the song out for our handwriting practice and we used the song as a poem for Monday poetry and we translated the words into English so we knew what they were about and we learnt to sing the song and do the actions. A real action packed morning!!!

If you are lucky you may just get to see us do the actions on video later in the week.

Most mornings we do the roll using a variety of languages. This week we will make sure our greetings are all in Maori. If you want to learn some greetings in Maori click here for some good audio to help you get the sound right.

We have been learning to do the roll in twos.....

Tena korua, Taine raua ko Olivia.

Tena koe, Allanah


Melville Intermediate said...

Well done with your Te Reo work and celebrating Maori Language Week! Can't wait to see your action video we look forward to watching it later this week!
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

Carl said...

I think that is cool I just showed my mum that video