Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tullamore's Yesterday

These pictures are Japanese and are over 200 year old. My parents bought them in Japan.
This is a Samuri and its from Japan again and it's 70 years old, I think.

This is a crocodile and it was dug up 30 years ago in a river in Indonesia. Its 80 years old.


Moturoa said...

Interesting Tullamore.

That Samuri looks really old, probably because it's got fabric on it.

The crocodile is pretty cool as well. I wonder if it was originally something or a piece of art work.


CALEB!!!!!!! said...

awesome tullamore you have got some very old stuff !!!!!

from Caleb

Moturoa said...

The samuri has lots of detail and I like the sword.