Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Olivia's Yesterdays

We are trying to gain more information about how things were at school when our parents and grandparents went to school so I have asked children to take my camera home for the night and record the oldest thing in their house and bring it back to school the next day. You can expect to see a regular post as each child records what they have learnt.
Yesterday Allanah told me to take home her camera so I could take some pictures of the oldest things in the house. I have got some pictures of my great, great grandad, William Edward Bradbury, medals from World War One and some other stuff that they used. Up the top is a picture of him when he was a young boy.
The picture up the top is a picture of the things that you put the powder in for the guns.
This was the highest medal that he got for bravery, I think.
He was put into the England unit because there wasn't a New Zealand unit and he was used in Kent, Middlesex and Manchester. Up the top are the medals that told you that.
And these are the record that they used.

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Moturoa said...

Thank you for being the first one to share your family's yesterdays.

William Edward Bradbury must have been a really interesting person to talk to.

Allanah K