Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Holiday

When we were flying to Scotland we stopped in Vancouver, Canada for two days. So we went to this shop in the airport. So up near the sign there is Allanah's toy dog. Mum had the camera in her hand bag so I wanted to take a picture of Bonnie and her friend bear. Over to the west there was water fountain exploding with money.
This is where my hotel was. It was a 5 star hotel. So can you see where Bonnie is? Well she is just at the back wall just at the feathers at the back of the eagle. Counting all of them I saw around the town I saw 35 eagles. Wow. Maybe if you go to Canada you will see some but I don't think you will see as many as me. I was really excited to see my family in Scotland. Yay. Changing the subject as you can see Bonnie is not real but you might of heard I do have a real dog BONNIE 1. Thank you for reading with Kiera and Bonnie and of course Bonnie 1. Yay!!!

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Moturoa said...

I think the eagle is very beautiful. You took very good care of Bonnie while you were away.

Allanah K