Monday, July 27, 2009

Alex's Yesterday

These book's belonged to my great grandmother. The brown one is a French Bible from 1894, the other one is a Nelson Girls College book from 1898.
This is an old iron they used to heat on the coal range and iron their clothes.
This is my great grandad's cup from 1907.
This is a half sovereign from 1893. It was given to my dad by his great uncle who was given it by his mother with a note saying not to be spent unless you have no other money.


Moturoa said...

What a great collection Alex. It must have been fun to see what you could find that was really old.

I love it that your great, great grand mother told your family not to spend the money unless you had no other choice.

I wonder how much money a half sovereign is worth in nowaday's money.

Allanah K

MLi said...

Alex, the iron looks really heavy. How heavy is it? I've seen one very similar in a museum here in NYC. Thank you for sharing your yester years.

Anonymous said...

To MLi the iron weighs about 1.35 kgs or 3 lbs thankyou for your question.
From Alex

Emily said...

those books do look old