Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bella's Mangle

We are doing yesterday for topic I brought my mangle. You put the water in the little bucket and put the water in the big bucket. Then you put the wet washing through the ringer and the ringer squashes the water out back into the big bucket. It is only a toy but it works just like the real thing.

Thanks for the comments people. Bella has just started her own blog. Here it is.


Moturoa said...

Your mangle is really cute. I loved how it was just like the real thing except it was little.

Next time you comment you could sign in and then we could click on your name and it would take you to your blog.

Allanah K

Anonymous said...

I loved your mangle. I have tried a real one at the Rockvill steam museum.
From Alex

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Bella, I loved your post about your mangle because.... I am letting you know how old I am now.... we had one in my house when I was growing up! I lived on a farm in the Waikato and we had a big wash-house out the back and there was a mangle in it that my mother used to use. She didn't like us using it when we were little and I well remember the screams when one of my inquisitive brothers got his arm caught in the wringer.
Thanks for the memories
Mrs Burt

SummerlandPrimaryR4 said...

wow how cool - wish I had been there, I have always wanted to use a mangle! My grandma used to have a mangle and my mum had to mangle the clothes when she was naughty! She hated it, but I always thought it looked quite good fun.

room2 said...

I liked your mangle too, Bella. When I had my first teaching job (and it doesn't seem very long ago) we had a wringer/agitator machine. The mangle ran on electricity and if you tried to put clothes that were too thick through the mangle, there was a clip that popped out and hit you in the chest. I got caught out quite a few times. I think our automatic machines that spin clothes so they come out nearly dry are a lot easier to use.
Tina Donnell

Ysobella s said...

I loved to play with my mangle.When I was 4.