Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tiny Ted stops the train

Tiny Ted went out for a picnic today and saw Elliott having a swim at Rabbit Island with his family and his Aunty who has come all the way from Belgium to see him for Christmas. On the way home he saw a train that he would like a ride on. We smiled nicely at the train driver who stopped the train just for us so Tiny Ted could climb aboard safely. Nelson only has this one train so we were very lucky that the train driver stopped for us. It was a really big engine and it made Tiny Ted look even tinier than usual.Cuddly Kiwi has been having lots of fun in Wales as well. He went out ten pin bowling in Cardiff and had a slap up Christmas feast at Mr H's house with turkey and all the trimmings.

Cuddly Kiwi's Very Own Holiday Blog

Have a look at Cuddly Kiwi's holiday blog from Wales by clicking on the link above.


Anonymous said...

were did you see the train tiny tid and it looks like you are having a great holidays and i'll see you next year

by Elliott

Moturoa said...

Hi Elliott

Good to see you checking out the blog over the holidays. The train was the one down by the Founder's park near the windmill in town. You don;t see the train going very often so we were lucky.

It was good of the train driver to stop.

Miss K