Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cuddly Kiwi Goes to London

Cuddly Kiwi has found a new home in Wales among the children of Cefn Fforest School.

Last weekend Bethan took him to London. They went to Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London to see the Crown Jewels. They saw a Beefeater- he is like a guard at the Tower of London.Here is Bethan and Cuddly Kiwi at the Big Ben clock. It looks like they are dressed to keep nice and warm.
They went to see the London Eye, which looks like a REALLY big ferris wheel. Each of those pods you can see is big enough to hold 25 people.
They even went to Hogwarts Station to Platfrom Nine and Three Quarters!!!
They didn't get to see the Queen but they did see her flag flying on top of Buckingham Palace so she must have been home!

Here is Cuddly Kiwi's blog Page

Cuddly Kiwi Visits the London

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Anonymous said...

Have a great summer break to all of Moturoa Class - we will spaek to you soon

Nadolig Llawen ( Merry Christmas)
a Newydd Blwydden Dda ( Happy New Year )

: )