Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cefn Fforest Skype Call

This Friday teacher, Paul H from Cefn Fforest School in Wales asked that I hold a Skype conversation with his class while a photographer for the Times Educational Supplement newspaper came to take photographs for an article on using Skype and podcasting in the primary school. Paul thinks that his school may be one of the very first in the UK to use Skype. I was happy to oblige and chatted away with Beth-Ann for quite some time.The photographer emailed me these photos which I thought were really great. It is great to see such quality photos of our podcasting e-pals. The article may well be in this Friday's paper in the UK. We wait with eagre anticipation.
This Wednesday morning our time, nine o'clock at night their time Paul is asking keen children to come in for a child/child conversation which will be very exciting as so far, because of the time difference we have only been able to have mutual child/teacher Skype VOIP conversation.
You are welcome to come join us and see how easy and free Skype is to use.

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