Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bridge Valley Class Camp

What a fabulous day we had on camp today. Here Tiny Ted prepares himself to go kayaking and Dillon shows him how it is done!
The camp where we are staying has an unprotected wireless broadband connection so here I am updating the blog in the hallway outside the mostly sleeping children after our first big day on camp.

The children have been wonderful- getting on so well together and thouroughly enjoying themsleves. The parents too have been great.

Just received a Skype call from Wales but didn't like to wake anyone up to listen. I will put lots of photos on the blog in the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Well done - great to be able to blog and chat via skype literally anywhere in the world - we enjoyed the brief skype chat today - and hope that we didn't wake too many people up !!!! Have fun on camp from us all in Wales.

Anonymous said...

Cuddly Kiwi has gone on a visit to London with Bethan and her family - they are going to check out Buckingham Palace to see if the Queen has any time to meet Kiwi !!! They will be back on Monday morning.

Anonymous said...

I remember Chanelle's hat falling into the lake


Moturoa said...

I told the children that someone's hat fell in the water but I couldn't rememeber whose hat it was. Thanks for reminding me. Miss K