Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Skype Talk to Wales

This morning at 8:00 we Skyped our pen pals. They came back to school at night because we have a 13 hour difference. Lately we have been class to teacher talk. We arranged it to be on Wednsday 13/12/2006. We have all been waiting to talk to the class in Wales.
The conversation was really going well while it lasted but the connection kept on cutting out.
Dino is really keen on chatting some more. Miss K will take her laptop on camp and see if we can connect while we are there.
Only one more sleep until we go on camp. We can't wait. We will take lots of photos so we will have lots to blog about. Tiny Ted is coming along too. I hope he goes to sleep at night like a good teddy should while he is on camp. Travelling Ted is coming as well so he will not be left out!


Anonymous said...

Hi Gang - We enjoyed the bits of chat that were possible this morning - there were more questions it was a shame that the technology let us down - better luck next time : )
Mr H and Class 3H

Anonymous said...

It was excellent while it was going. This was the only time that Skype has let us down. I suppose that 13,000 miles is a very long way for your voice to travel. the whole thing is a bit of a mystery really. Miss K

Anonymous said...

I think I look nice from Dino