Friday, December 08, 2006

A Surprise Party

You think you know the children that you teach after spending six hours a day with them five times a week over, in some cases, two years. But today I got a lovely surprise! Some time ago as you might remember we had a thousand hits on the blog. You may recall we had a party to celebrate. Jackson V has been keeping a careful watch on the hit counter and noticed that it had gone way over two thousand and we hadn't had a party yet! Very uncharitably I said we can't keep having parties! Well this was not good enough for the secretive plotters. They decided to organise a party of their own!

I was busy doing my talking thing today as teachers do and Georgia sneaks up behind me with a blindfold, puts it over my eyes and says, "Keep still and keep my eyes shut!" As I thought I was about to be kidnapped by pirates or the like I did exactly what I had been told to do! There was much scurrying about and when I was allowed to open my eyes there was a party all ready to be eaten!

I had tears in my eyes and I was 'touched' that the children had done all this- completely organised it themselves. So much self-confidence and good will. It was really lovely. What a great team we are. Thanks to the Mums and Dads for their contribution too.


Anonymous said...

What a deserved celebration, and it just goes to show that pupils can sometimes kep a secret!!!! Well Done kids, we hope to speak to you on Wednesday.
Class 3H

Anonymous said...

It was a good excuse to get out of schoolwork!!!

By Jamie m

Anonymous said...

the cake was nice.
By Gloria

Anonymous said...

Me and Gloria orginased it all. I fell so poud!! By Georgia.

Anonymous said...

You deserve it Miss King


Moturoa said...

Thank you, Briony. It was a lovely surprise. Miss K