Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bridge Valley Camp

We had a wonderful couple of days away at Bridge Valley Outdoor Education Camp. Here is a view of the complex overlooking the lake.
As soon as we got there we started on our activities. Jamie found out that he was quite good at archery. You had to be careful not to shoot the arrows when any one else was in front of the target.Jillian got a clever bull's eye. Three arrows all on the target was excellent.
Bull's eye for Jamie! Robin Hood had better watch out!
While one group was doing archery another was out on the lake doing kayaking. Susa got tired from all of the having fun and thought she might have a bit of a rest! What a lovely way to spend your day.
Elliott knows how to enjoy himself too. He is a really good kayaker. His Dad must have shown him!
Maddison had a good time out on the water as well. Kayaking was loads of fun so we had two goes at it!
The third group was going horse riding while all this was going on. Jillian looked like a natural on her horse.
They had a horse that you could groom and stroke while you were waiting for your turn on the horses. Georgia has made a new friend.
Dino had been riding before and knew what to do.
Gloria was an excellent rider. She was trotting and even got into a short canter. It was great to see her skills.
Tiny Ted was out and about as well. He had to wait for his turn like everyone else.
After lunch we had a go at the confidence course, the climbing wall and the go-karts. Dillon managed to get up the wall really easily.
Lara showed that girls are good at climbing too. It was a long way up and we abseiled back down again.
Jordy and Nathan whizzed around the track in a cloud of dust!
Georgia proved to be just as fast as her Dad on the racetrack!
Maddison and Lara had to lean into the corners they were going so fast.
Jackson shows Tiny Ted how to swing on the confidence course. He thought it was great.
Jackson's Dad organised a tug-o-war. I wonder who won???
After our second round of activities we had some free time. Miss K had to take a heap of photos before she got this one of Georgia up in the air.
Foos ball was very popular as well. You can see how excited we were by the game!
After that free time we went up the hill to the water slide. It was pretty hard to catch the action in a photograph. Steve was a hero when he leapt into the water to pull Brittany out at the bottom. I am not sure how Tyler is feeling in this photo.
I am not sure who this is at the bottom of the waterslide but I bet they made a big splash when they hit the water.
The long flying fox was super fun too but Sue got a bit dirty pulling the T-bar all the way back to the top again.
Emily hung on tight when she went over the lake.
Everyone waited patiently for their turn on the waterslide and flying fox. Another big splash at the bottom!
Susa's hair streamed out behind her as she sped down the flying fox.
After tea we had a pillow fight on the slippery pole. It was lots of fun. You had to hang on tight to the pole with your legs and try and knock your opponent off. There was lots of yelling from the audience as well!
After that we wrote in our diaries and went to bed. Miss K was very pleased by the way we all went to sleep when we were told to.
The next morning we did a repeat of the kayaking, orienteering and a low ropes confidence course. Shanac and Jessica knew how work out the map.
We had to work collaboratively and support one another to get around the low ropes courses. We were all there to support one another if someone looked like they might fall.
In this activity we had to arrange ourselves on the wire in alphabetical order. You were not allowed to put your feet on the ground. It was fun to do and watch.
We worked really well as a team. It was a good exercise.
We had a great time on camp and you were an excellent group to take away. Your parents can be proud of you. Thank you.
I have made a vodcast and put it on our podcast page at It is 20MB big so best not attempted unless you have broadband. I have also made a DVD of camp with the photos on it as well as a CD of just photos. If you would like copies bring a blank CD to school or if you would like a DVD bring $3 to school on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Your camp looked brilliant, a really great experience for everyone - we will be watching your video podcast an Monday morning - well done veryone - including the camerawoman

Mr H and Class 3H

Anonymous said...

I am very happy you had a great camp like I did at Bridge Valley !!!!!!!!!!!!!

R5 Parklands said...

You look like you had haps of fun Rm 5 parklands said cool