Monday, December 18, 2006

School Trip to Moturoa- Rabbit Island

What a life we have here in Nelson. After spending a couple of days on camp we came back in time to be part of a whole school trip down to Rabbit Island. Miss K's group got to walk down the beach and back again looking for shells and doing cartwheels!
Travelling Ted is learning how to enjoy his first Christmas by the beach in NZ.
Fynn and Jackson took Travelling Ted for a long walk along the beach.


Anonymous said...

What fun you must of had !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Briony Blackmore
(former Appleby school student)

Anonymous said...

School was never like this in my day!

Portsmouth, England

Anonymous said...

Itwas really fun!!!

By Jamie

Moturoa said...

It was good fun down at the beach. Only one more sleep until the holidays. Miss K

Anonymous said...

You look as if you had great fun down at the beach. I get the feeling that Travelling Ted may just be having an absolutely brilliant time, I guess he might not be feeling too homesick!!!
To all at Appleby and particularly Moturoa Clasroom have a great break, enjoy your smmer holidays and we will speak to you when you are back in school in February
ps If you come to the UK you simply must come and visit us you will always be welcome.

Mr H and Class 3H