Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Kiwi Arrives in Wales

On Friday night NZ time and Friday morning in Wales, after only one short week of jet setting about the globe Cuddly Kiwi arrived safely at Cefn Fforest School in Wales. With him he took letters, photos and the good wishes of all the children in Moturoa classroom.Here he is just as the children discover what is in the parcel. They had heard some chirpy noises coming out of the parcel before it was opened as Mr Harrington had squeezed it a little too tightly! Cuddly Kiwi was ready for a breath of fresh air.
He soon set out to discover his new home. It is Christmas in Wales as well. Look at the wonderful Christmas tree in 3H classroom. Kiwi aren't used to perching in trees but he is doing well.
Here is where 3H class does some of their computing. He is starting to feel at home!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah - Cuddly Kiwi is here -
Nadolig Llawen - Welsh for Merry Christmas (ll - pronounced with tongue pressed to gum behind upper front teeth and exhale !!!!air escapes over sides of tongue)
He is going to England this weekend for Jordan M's birthday celebrations - he has taken a digital camera with him.