Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Tommy's Train Video

Remember a while back when we did 'making' for our homework? Tommy and his Dad made a train video. They made it on a video recorder- not a digital one! It has taken me a while to get to turning it into a digital version for our blog.

It starts out a little rough but it is well worth watching until the very end.


onemouse said...

Tommy, great video. Thanks for taking me on the journey. I especially liked the shot from the back of the moving train.

KimY said...

Hi Tommy

What a great video! I loved the music you used and all of the different camera angles. My favourite angle was when I felt like I was riding on top of one of the carriages

MsBee on behalf of scoopers said...

I love this video!The jazz music adds to the feel of the old time train. I like the way you had a toy inside the train - it made me look for more passengers. Our class of Year 5/6 children have something on their homework grid called "Get Creative" - you might like to have a look at their post about this a couple of weeks ago.
BTW - I think your teacher is very clever to be able to upload your video to digital = I am not at all sure that I could do that!

Moturoa said...

Here is that link from Scoopers so you can click on it.

Scoopers Getting Creative

Pod 11's Blog said...

Cool video Tommy! The various camera angles really make it interesting. I especially liked the shot of the train going past the camera, and seeing the legs going past. It made me feeling like I was standing there watching the train. I look forward to seeing your work on the silver screen soon!!
From Mr B in Whangarei

anneken said...

Hi Tommy, what a very cool movie. I look forward to sharing it with my class tomorrow. We are making dinosaur movies at the moment and I had a vision of a train travelling through dinosaur world collecting images. It was great to see your movie. You have a very clever teacher converting it for the blog!
Mrs K

Anonymous said...

Tommy that was wicked hop you make another one (:

By Daniel