Sunday, June 20, 2010

S Disco Highlights

I know you've been waiting to see some of the cool photos of all the creative people who came to our S Disco on Friday night- well here they are. We can look at the rest at school.


Makuri School said...

Some great costumes -I bet you all had lots of fun especially giggling at each others costumes.

Ms S

Moutere said...

What a stunning bunch you are!
It was such a fun night. I can't wait until the next disco. I wonder what crazy theme we will come up with.


Room 4 Waiuku said...

Your disco looks cool. Some of you looked quite funny! We think your costumes looked good.
We are having a disco this Friday, it is an All Blacks and All Whites disco. We are going to wear all black clothes or all white clothes!

Paul said...

What a cool way to share your pictures. It looked like a lot of fun. I used your idea to create a slide show of my own.
Please visit our class blog and have a look.