Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Mrs Pritchard's Tidy Number Video

Mrs Pritchard had a tidy number birthday on Saturday. To celebrate she did a tandem sky dive over in Motueka. Isn't she incredible- we are inspired and in awe of her courage.

Add your birthday congratulations in the comments.


Anonymous said...

It looked fun. I wish I could do it.

Jessie & Sam

Ms F said...

WOW I am extremely impressed and what a brilliant day for a sky dive. I haven't been brave enough for that yet but I know when I did bungy jumping in Queenstown my knees were knocking together! Congrats on your tidy number birthday Mrs Pritchard and I really enjoyed the video.

Richmond Primary School said...

Wow! Very impressive!
Mrs Pritchard was very courageous.
What an exciting way to celebrate.
Happy birthday!
Mrs Eden
Richmond Primary.

Anonymous said...

Yes that is what life is about. And a great way to celebrate a tidy number day. I really enjoyed the video :)


Anonymous said...

We think Mrs Pritchard is really brave and that we'd never do that. It was a brilliant day for a sky dive.

Shona and Arthur

Doug said...

I have no excuses for not celebrating in such a fashion. Chapeau !!