Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Discovery Time #6

The card in the photo is a card for my Grandma and she has passed away. I am going to put it on her grave. She would have liked the card.
I made this for Grandma because I was sick over the weekend and she looked after me while my Mum and Dad were away. It is a thank you card.
Zoe and I made origami for Discovery Time. We went down to the library but we couldn't find a good enough book so we went on the internet and found this web site. We practised and then we got to use the expensive origami paper. I am going to bring a book from home for next week.

To make a diorama you get a shoe box, cut a hole in the lid for the sky and little piece out of the side to see through. Then you draw some figures on a piece of cardboard, cut them out and stick them on in the right place. Lastly you paint the inside of your box and put in some blue cellophane over the hole in the roof to make it look like the sky.
Marshall, Summer and I made dioramas made out of one of Allanah's old shoe boxes and some cardboard creatures. We made the theme to do with the rocky shore. I thought it was fun doing it on my own because when I was younger I needed help to do it all the time.
We are having a bit of trouble with the robotics kit. We want it to follow a line that we have drawn. We did some Skype screen sharing with Mr Winter in Hamilton who helped us out. It is is now sort of working but not quite. It is supposed to follow the line but it only follows the edge of the paper- but only sometimes.


Dave Winter said...

That is impressive. It isn't following the line quite yet but definately using the light sensor to decide where to go. There are some good videos here if you want a look.

Moturoa said...

Mr Winter

Thanks for your help today. It is that video that inspired us to see if we could get our robot to do the same.