Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fifa Country Homework

As one of our homework tasks this week we had to research and present some information about one of the countries with teams in the Fifa World Cup. Children were allowed to choose their own country that they were interested in and how they presented the information they found out. Here are some of our wonderful presentations.

The first is from Grace- with a little help from her big brother. I had to cut the end off the video because we know that we should not put our surnames on the internet.

Keegan did his homework in his Google Doc here. He made this cool interactive football model as well.

Keeley did her presentation in Google Apps as well. Here it is.
Tarn did his presentation all about Italy. His presentation looked pretty flash for us.

Jack also made a model. The big screen at the end of the stadium showed great attention to detail.
Nathaniel won the vuvuzela with his fabulous presentation on Cameroon. We particularly liked the way he taught us about Cameroon. He really explained the slides very well. Firstly here is his presentation and then after that is an edited video of Nathaniel teaching the class.

Here is the short video of Nathaniel sharing his presentation. The sound is not great but you can see what a great job Nathaniel was doing.

I was so impressed with the effort that everyone put in to research and share their learning.


Melville Int. Room 8 said...

There was so much work that was put up here and it was so wonderful that I kind of wished that it had been put up as separate posts so I could commented individually! I loved the fact that you had such great examples of e-learning online and such a variation from your students!
Great examples as always and I will share these with my students online in the classroom on Monday.
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

Richmond Primary School said...

Nathaniel, you are an inspiration. You have put so much thought into your presentation. I wonder what you want to be when you leave school? I bet it will be a job where you can use your wonderful ICT skills. Keep up the amazing work.
Mrs Eden Room 13 Richmond Primary.

Anonymous said...

Seriously good stuff! It's great for this football fan who works in education to see how you all use digital tech to help learn about the world and share that knowledge. I now know more than I used to about each of the countries you selected - which is what life is all about. [oh yeah, that and football ;) ]

Cheers, Ed

Anonymous said...

We are very proud of the work that Nathaniel had put in on this project. He worked at this each night and stuck to the task. It was fun learning new information about a country we knew little about - and oh yes, it is fun to have a vuvuzela in the house!

Graeme & Simone

Moturoa said...

Yes I bet you're loving that vuvuzela!

Useful for calling the kids in for dinner!



Nathan said...

Hey i really like your football model.