Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Discovery Time #7

Our Discovery Time continues to be very popular in class. Today we finished off our salt dough sculptures with a couple of layers of gloss enamel to bring out the colour and seal the paint.

I think they look fabulous.

They are very creative.

Luc, Conor and Jack worked together preparing a Viking Longboat after researching about the Vikings.

Mrs Pritchard came through for a look and commented about how more developed our paintings are now than when we started.

Summer put her sky on her shoebox rocky shore diorama. It looked very realistic.

Sharon made a beautiful card using the craft material and the rub off lettering sheets.

Sean was very intent and determined to solve the problem of how to get the robotics kit to do what he wanted. We used a printed sheet from Mr Winter- a teacher in Hamilton that we has Skype screen shared with last week. He is giving us tips to help us.

Georgia used the instructions on the origami website from last week to teach herself how to do some origami.

Tommy and Sam looked through the Discovery magazines to do a some research on Sir Winston Churchill so they could complete a project on him in next week's Discovery Time.

I bought my marbling kit to school. We talked about the oil spill in America and how the oil floats on the water. We dropped coloured oil on the water, made it into swirls with a matchstick and dropped paper on it to soak it up.

Everyone was in awe of the beauty of the marbling colours. Next week we can use the marbling paper to cover our spelling notebooks.

I loved the kind and supportive way that Nathaniel showed Tarn how to do the marbling as Tarn had been away at his guitar lesson when I had showed the rest of the class what to do. He would be a great teacher when he grows up because he explained it very well.

The video shows how marbling is done.

The theme of Discovery Time is Managing Self and creative problem solving- children are growing in their skills and ability to do this. I am really proud of them.


Pam Thompson said...

Hey guys. I love this idea of Discovery Time. You all look so busy - there's so much going on in your room that I feel tired just reading your blog! :-)

The marbling looks fantastic and I love the colours some of you have used in your salt dough sculptures. Your teacher must be very proud of you, because I bet you all learn so much in Discovery Time.

Mr Lamshed said...

Wow.. you guys are doing some creative stuff! I would love to know how to make salt dough. It sounds like something my class would love to try with our buddy class. I wonder if one of you guys could give us some instructions on how to make it?

Mr Lamshed

tsheko said...

I'm so impressed by your independence, guys! I wish I could be in your class - it looks like you have so much fun. How do you feel when you research your own topic? I would really like to do some marbling.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys looks like you are all working very hard! I wish I could be there to have a look at everything you're doing. I miss you all! Take care, Jess v

Wm Chamberlain said...

I really love it when students are given exploratory time to learn about what they want to. Unfortunately, we don't schedule time for that here, it has to be picked up in a class like art or my computer lab.

How did the students pick their projects? I know my students would have spent more time deciding on what to do than actually doing ;)

stillateen said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Just goes to show the many different and creative ways in which we can learn. (I just want to do the marble painting!)

Ms H - ISB Bangkok said...

Congrats on being so creative! I would love to know how the viking boat turns out!
Discovery time sounds like so much fun especially the marbling - it was always my favourite activity for art, I think I even still have a piece of my marbling paper in my scraps box! Thanks for making me think of that!

glenview go said...

I love marbling it's so much fun... and messy :-) I have seen artists who look for things in the marbled patterns and then draw them in. A bit like gazing at clouds and seeing animals.

Did you bake your salt dough sculptures or leave them to air dry? Either way they look fantastic!

Mr F
Room 13
Glenview School

room2 said...

Hi Moturoa,
We have had a good look a your Discovery time post.
We all liked it when the paper looked cool and colourful with the paint running together in the marbling activity. We thought the clay faces were awesome too. Milly liked the video about marbling and we wish that we could figure out how to do that.
from Room 2

Moturoa said...

To Mr.Lamshed

It is really easy you get some salt make dough with salt, flour and water. You put the salt in with the dough mix and there you have it.

You bake it on the oven for ages and ages- it took us a couple of days.

Then we painted them.


anneken said...

I wish I could come and spend time in your class. You all look to be having such a great time and so much creation is going on everywhere. How do you get to decide who does what? I think you are all very clever. I have a Funky Friday art based programme in my class. Tomorrow we are creating art around theme of Matariki. Maybe you will see some of them on our blog soon.

Richmond Primary School said...

Just love all the projects being completed during your Discovery Time. We will be making dough sculptures during our Visual art unit next term, so I must remember to show my clas your wonderful faces again when we are exploring this medium.
Keep up th good work.
Your class is a very exciting place.
Mrs Eden Richmond Primary School.

Nathan said...

I really like all of the photos it really cool.

Jocelyn said...

Hey I like your post. I like the paints you did. Did you !