Friday, June 11, 2010

Bella capella

Bellacappella from Waimea College gave a performance for us today. They were impressive. Some of the performers were able to raise their voices really high and others were very low.

The conductor was encouraging us to sing from our diaphragm. To sing with your diaphragm you need to be able to control the air in your tummy. We practised that by saying - che, che, che.

They also played a couple instruments- a keyboard, a boolean drum, a quatro, a box and kazoo.

We recognised Jamie, Sam and Floyd.

It was an amazing performance.


Anonymous said...

You should have a school Disco and have that in it! I think people will come everywhere to see it because it is fantastic.
From Kinohaku School

Angie said...

Wow Bella Capella they were amazing. Sorry I missed seeing them