Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Something Interesting


For homework this week I made some plasticine and made some rock pool creatures because our topic is Rocky Shore. My mum helped me with sending it to Allanah. It took me three days and a half to make. It was very hard to get it just right. My favourite part was making the plasticine creatures because they were a challenge.


Melville Intermediate said...

Keeley we have just watched your video in our classroom as we are working! I can't believe the work that has gone into creating all of the creatures! Its obviously been a huge amount of work but so worth it, I think that I probably liked the animations the best when you zoomed in on the creatures that were in your story, and I also liked the interesting facts. I think for me as a teacher the one about the sea slug was the most impressive! Six kilometers is a huge distance!
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.

MsBee and Room 7, NZ said...

Keely - what a fantastic collection of facts and information with wonderful art work! (I hope my Scoopers do something like this for the Get Creative part of their grid) We really enjoyed listening to your information and could verify what you had to say because we went to the aquarium yesterday. You can take a peek at a starfish thinking about scallop for dinner on our blog. I hadn't realised that scallops could almost run...! We will be adding more photos and video along with our thoughts over the next few days. Ms B is back in the room tomorrow.

Debbie Gardiner said...

What a great effort Keely Where did you get all your information from?

From Debbie (Zoe's mum)

Barb said...

Hi Keeley. I am really impressed with your video. I can see what a lot of time and effort you have put into finding out the information and making sure your sea creatures had all the right parts. I have made a link to your video as I would like to show it to to a group of teachers in a workshop on student learning. Thanks for sharing your work.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I googled what creatures i had made. I would be happy to share it with other people, barb. Your blog is realy good to room 7


Anonymous said...

Wow Keeley, you have shred some amazing facts about sea creatures. I was impressed with the quality of your animations and your voiceover. You will be able to see many of these creatures on your trip to the Rocky Shore! Mr A.