Friday, April 30, 2010

Discovery Time #2

Today we had our second Discovery Time. The children were really looking forward to it. We had a few different activities this time.

The robotic group managed to carry on from last week and make the base unit turn a square. Well done boys. Sean showed leadership which was valued.

Sean, having needed to change activities left Harriet on her own but she enjoyed having a go with the construction.
Jack and Marshall had another go with the bubbles. We decided that two weeks on one activity is the limit and next time they would have to try something different.
Grace and Keegan used Allanah's carpentry gear to construct wall hangings.
Sheryl came in to help us with the Appleby Playcentres best playdough recipe. Santana liked creating and re-creating with the playdough.


Mr Wood said...

Wow I love reading about your Discovery Days. They look like such fun. How do you choose what to explore?

Makuri School said...

What interesting Discovery Time activities you are able to choose to do. Making bubbles in lots of different ways was one of our favourites too. Did you manage to make any really big ones?


Anonymous said...

Santana looked like she was really enjoying using the playdough, Well Done !!!! Steph, (Santana's Mum)

Tracey M said...

Great effort on the wall hangings, we are still looking for the right spot to hang Keegans

Dave Winter said...

This seems to be an extension of play being children's sacred work. I have a tip for the bubble maker glycerine is secret ingredient for big bubbles as is humidity. You can find recipes on the net. One of unicefs pillars of learning "Learning to do" is looking super here. I call it operacy have put a post on my own blog here G O M o t u r u a .

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