Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our New Topic

Elliott gave me this idea. Here is a clue to what our new topic is this term. Can you guess???

Click on the photo of the underwater life to be surprised.


Mrs C said...

This looks exciting! Have you seen curriculum catalyst by Tom Barret?
this is a resource that lots of teachers have contributed to and could be useful for you. Let me know if this is useful.

Moutere said...

I want to have a ride on a camel. You must be very special.


Tammy Flaman said...

Are you studying sharks? The picture was hard to get into focus at first, but it was really neat when I could finally see it. Great idea!
-your friend Tammy

Anonymous said...

I can not even get my eyes to focus on the picture if you have done it I think you are very clever.