Wednesday, April 28, 2010

School Councillor

This week we decided who are school councillors for the next couple of terms. Summer made a great job of making a speech to encourage her classmates to vote for her. She took the Easi-speak home and after a few practice goes managed to record her speech. Well done, Summer.


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Anonymous said...

Awesome Summer! You would be welcome to join my class if you ever moved to Tawa! Kapai!
Carol Brieseman

Anonymous said...

Well done Summer, I know how much you wanted to be a school councillor. Dad & I are very proud of you.
Mum (Toni)

Anonymous said...

Well done Summer that was so cool I voted for you.

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic speech Summer I think you might have a future in politics!! All the best with your new responsibilities Sheryl Barralet