Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Kitten

My Kitten
Hi Allanah. As you know Milkshakes my cat had a little ginger kitten.
Well she has just opened her eyes properly. So when I got home I decided to take a photo of my kitten and I. Isn't she cute?
She is two or three weeks old but Mum and I don't remember

P.S. At first we thought she was a boy but she is a girl.

Keeley made this story and photo on Google Docs over the holidays. Isn't she a clever girl.



Tammy Flaman said...

What a cute little kitten!!! I bet you have so much fun with her. I like that you named your cat Milkshakes, that's a really fun name! Did you name the kitten? Great job on making your photo story, it was really fun to read.
-Your Canadian friend Tammy

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tammy Milkshakes is the mum and the kitten dosn't have a name. And I do have fun with her but she already has a home. But she cant go there yet beacuse she is to young.


Tammy Flaman said...

Hi Keeley, did Milkshakes have a lot of kittens? Is it hard for you to let them go to their new homes when they have to? Thanks for sharing your story.
-your friend Tammy

Anonymous said...

Wow Keeley you are so lucky to have a small kitten that is so cute


Anonymous said...

That kitten is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute I want it but I can't because I've already got a cat she's about 5 years old.

From Hayley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've got cats to and there very fluffy. I think your cats would be more fluffy than mine though.


Anonymous said...

well she only had one though


Shradha said...

Your kitten is really cute you are lucky.

Catherine said...

Wow the kitten is so cute I wish I had a Kitten

Anonymous said...

_id=65078&blogger_id=304962 That a cute kitten.That a nice name for a kitten Milk shake.I never seen a kitten that cute. From Jocelyn

Anonymous said...

Hi Keeley I am Dafne in 4th grade and I have to dogs.