Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wii in Class

Yesterday Bella brought her Wii to school. A Wii is a remote controlled thing that you plug into a TV. You hold onto the remote and move it around. There are lots of varieties of games like Wii music, Wii fit and of course Wii sports. We took turns playing Bella's Wii. Here is a movie of Caleb playing the Wii. He was good at it because he had done it before.

Allanah talked with us about how the Wii could be educational but in the end she said that the noise would drive her spare so Bella had to take it home


Mrs C said...

Hi there
Have you seen this? Using Wii and Golf to look at Subtraction in a fun way!!

Steph Campbell
Normandale School
Lower Hutt

Anonymous said...

Dino and I play Golf at home but we did not play Golf because Dino said Golf is fun but stuff can get broken.