Monday, October 05, 2009

Last Picture in our Holiday Quiz

Well done Shaun and Bella for your answer to our last question- yes it was indeed Larnarch Castle.On the road north again from Dunedin Mini-Dylan wanted one last photo of our road trip. This big fish was really quite a catch.

Your questions for the chocolate fish are......

What kind of fish is it and what town are we in?

The conference starts on Tuesday. Yipee!


Anonymous said...

Rakaia, Ashburton - BELLA

Anonymous said...

PS It is a Salmon in Rakaia, Ashburton It means good fishing in the Rakaia River - BELLA

Moturoa said...

Yes Bella. You got it right. How did you find out the answer- it would have been a bit hard unless you could ask someone I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss K have I not told you about my frinend Professor Google!!! I ask him where is a waterfall between Murchison and Hanmer and I get the answer, then I go onto a site and cut and paste hurrah a chocolate fish for Georgia or I.
Thank you this challenge was really good fun.


Anonymous said...

Bella do you live on the computer, I would like a chocolate fish too!!
Ms King the answer is a Salmon statue in Ashburton. Can I please have a chocolate fish??

Moturoa said...

Hey Shaun

I think Bella just gets up very early in the morning to check the blog out.

Yes definitely you can have a chocolate fish.

I think I will have to buy a big bag of them.

I am learning a lot at the conference.

What else are you doing in the holidays apart from checking out the blog?

Allanah K

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ms King looking forward to the chocolate fish :)
I have been going up to the BMX track by my old school most days and just enjoying the holidays......playing Wii as well. See you next week and hope that you have fun at conference.

Anonymous said...

Yes I do get up very early every morning to check the cool blog I love it so much that I have put it on my favorites!!!