Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nelson Mail Article

Tonight our blog is being featured in the Nelson Mail.

Welcome to our blog.

Here is what our blog means to us.

I like all the maths games on our blog. There's lots of cool links, pictures and videos on our blog. Our blog is awesome. By Tullamore

Our blog has lots of cool and fun games you can learn a lot about maths and lots more. By Brittany

Our blog is cool and it has cool games on it. Liam

I like to go on the blog because I can go on at any time of the day. Bella

This is the best ever blog because we have great games and awesome class photos. Kevin

This is the best blog because we have interesting posts and great games and neat class photos. Jordan.

This is a really cool blog and I like it lots because it has cool games and interesting stuff to read. George

I really like the games on the blog and all the posts and we get to write posts too.

I think our blog is the best in the whole solar system. Fletcher

I think the blog is awesome because we have the best games and the best teacher.

What I think of the blog is extremely cool because Miss K puts on really cool games for us. Carl

I think our blog is very good because of all the activities and posts. I love our blog. It's cool. Rachel.

The games on the blog are cool and the posts are always interesting to read. Emily

I play lots of games on the blog and I like our blog heaps. Taine A.

I like our blog because you get to look what people have added and it's a good way to play fun and interactive games. Our blog is a good way to practise what we have been learning. Jacob

Our blog must be the meanest blog ever because we are in the top 5 blogs in New Zealand. Torbea


George said...

I jhope the Nelson mail like our blog.

Unknown said...

That is neat how your voki welcomes us to your blog. I hope you like our class blog.

Richmond Primary School said...

I enjoy your blog Moturoa. You are so lucky to have a clever teacher who shares her knowledge and skills and makes learning so much fun.Keep up the good work and GOOD LUCK!
Mrs Eden and Room 13
Richmond Primary School

Unknown said...

Your math links are very cool and fun!

Melville Intermediate said...

I agree with Richmond Primary School. Our class would be really keen to Skype with your class sometime soon (properly this time we even have a webcam!). Can't wait to read the article from the local paper, I am sure that you will be proud of it.
Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.