Friday, October 23, 2009


We are practising gym and Lisa and Sylvia are helping us
We do handistands and this is Carl doing an excellent job. We have also learnt to do cartwheels, the vault, backwards and forwards rolls and balancing on the beam. It is lots of fun. We just love gym.


Anonymous said...

Thanks guys I told you not to get me in the photos! Any way I just wanted to say how well you are all doing , I think all of you have made some improvement or achieved something you didn't think you could achieve. I can see that when I give you some advice you listen and really concentrate on that skill on your next turn which makes me feel really proud of you. Keep it up everyone!
Lisa D.

Anonymous said...

i love gym so much that i want to do gym for the rest of my life. By Skye

Moturoa said...

I am so pleased you like gym, Skye.

Gym is a fun thing to do and we are so lucky to have Lisa, Alex and Sylvia here to help us- it would be so much harder to organise without theie help.