Monday, October 26, 2009

Space - on a wiki near you!

This week we are really getting into space. We are going to visit a real observatory and get to look closely at the moon and Jupiter. We are going to record our learning on a wiki and view some videos about our solar system on Clickview. Clickview lets us take advantage of The Loop- our fibre-optic mega-fast broadband connection. Using The Loop we can download a DVD in about a minute.

Click on the globe to see the wiki. A wiki is a place in 'the cloud' where we can just click and edit to change it- no passwords or log in needed. You can edit it yourself.

The wiki also has a link to Allanah's Delicious Bookmarks. Delicious is a social media place where Allanah keeps her bookmarks for everyone to share. There are lots of great places to learn about Space there!

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