Saturday, October 10, 2009

Guess What!

Here is a slideshow of Mini-Dylan and Allanah's South Island Holiday, ULearn Conference and exciting snow filled trip back from Christchurch. You can view it in full screen by clicking here or clicking on the graphic. Keep an eye out for the two movies in the slideshow. Click on the little magnifying glass to see the photo bigger. You can turn the music off and on as well.

I have a fabulous surprise to tell you all about when school starts on Monday! What do you think it could be?


NZWaikato said...

I loved the pictures - particularly the ones of the snow and also the horse. It looked very noble.

Anonymous said...

Wow miss K mum loves all the photos you have taken.


Moturoa said...

Hey Bella,

Great that you showed Mum our photos.

What do you think the surprise might be???

Apart from the chocolate fishes!!!!!!

Allanah K

Anonymous said...

Dad said you might have won LOTTO and you want to buy him a new BOAT!!! but I don't think so! I think that is a question Professor Google cannot help me with so I need to use my own brain what could it be??? and I need a clue!!!


Anonymous said...

Do we have 50,000 hits???


Wm Chamberlain said...

Thanks for the photos of @NZWaikato! I would love to come to Ulearn next year and meet all of you. (Honestly, I am not sure I could keep up!)
Mr. C

Anonymous said...

An excellent sideshow of wonderful

Portsmouth, England.