Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blog Award- Not

Sorry folks but after all our efforts we did not win the New Zealand Class Blog Awards. I feel gutted as we love our blog as it is a central part of our on-line learning and great way to link class to family and to communicate with others. Through it I feel that I am not teaching alone and that others do care for what we do in our classroom.

Well done Clem from Outram School and Stephen from Hokowhitu.

To cheer ourselves up I will shout the class to a 37,000+ views party on Friday week. That is also the day that Sylvia leaves us to continue her journey to become a teacher, so it will be well timed.

Allanah K


Anonymous said...

Nic Dennis
Very sorry to hear this news but there is always next year!! We are very proud of the fact we made it to the top 5 in NZ!! What you do with this blog is amazing, and yes you are right it is a great way to keep parents and grandparents in touch with what goes on in the class room. Keep up the GREAT work.

Anonymous said...

So not cool Miss K I am so not happy. How could they do that to the best blog in the world but at least we got in the top five. What place did we get???


Anonymous said...

Hi Moturoa, I think your Blog is great and think you were very unlucky not to have got somewhere in the Blog awards. When I heard we (Fab4) didn't win I thought you must have won, but I was wrong!!

I read and check your Blog regularly so keep up the great work!!!

Mr Baker (Fab4, Teacher)

Richard Millwood said...

Miss K - you say on your blog "Writing it has helped me come to terms with not being successful" - surely you mean "not being the most successful", because as I see it this blog is a roaring success, and more importantly shows the world the massive success that is achieved every day by Motorua class in tackling learning. My son is a talented pianist, but rarely wins competitions - there is so much other talent around. Nevertheless, every time he lays his hands on the keys he gives pleasure and has success. We can always do better, but we should also recognise our achievements.

There, that's enough moralising and platitudes for one day!

Best wishes from a UK!

Moturoa said...

Thank you people. You are cheering me up.

Bella- only the top two got a mention. It wasn't ordered after that so I suppose we can say we are in the top five.

Another day tomorrow and we at least get to play with our new Lego robot!

Allanah K

Anonymous said...

You have an amazing blog and being in the top 5 is a great achievement. "Success" in this case means measuring up to whatever the Insight Magazine people were looking for in a class blog. Why feel gutted because someone else matches their criteria slightly more than you do? Your blog still does everything you intended it to doesn't it? It was a great blog last month. It was a great blog last week and yesterday. It still is today.

Moutere said...

The true magic of blogging is the sharing and learning, not the winning of competitions. Your blog is fantastic at sharing what you do and I know you all learn heaps from your blog.
Ask yourselves why you blog????

Be proud of what you do and keep on doing what you do so well!
Your blog helps and encourages me to
keep our blog happening. Thanks for that.
I feel lucky to be know such great bloggers.

Keep up the wonderful learning and sharing.


Moturoa said...

I thought I share some of the comments that people have written on my teacher blog...

I love reading your blog and thought you were a sure winner! Better luck next time.

Allanah, I am really sorry that your class missed out BUT please understand that you and your class have been an inspiration to me and no doubt, many other classes/schools around NZ and abroad. Congratulations for being a FINALIST! :+)

Your blog it will be one of those things that the kids will never forget and the people you inspire like me and everyone else touched by your work, at the end of the day that’s what matters!

You’re an inspiration, Allanah. In my eyes your blog is a winner, and everyone involved too. I can imagine your disappointment, and I’m sorry.

What you guys are doing is incedible. Hats off to all of you

Your blog is a winner, and all who participate in the blogging process with you are winners too.
The power of Web 2.0 tools is that we can more easily tap into the discoveries, problem solving and creativity of others who are passionate about education and therefore do our job better.
I strongly believe that teaching is the best place to be to make a difference for the better.
It seems to me that you are one who is leading the way in your use of ICT to enhance learning.
Kia kaha, kia toa, kia manawanui.

What you do with your kids via this blog is exemplary. The reality is that there is often only one “winner”, but, take it from me, you are a winner in every way. Your class blog is an inspiration to many. Forget the statistics & the awards, they’re not important, but the effects and influence you have on students and colleagues are!


Anonymous said...

Hey Moturoa Kids (& Miss K)
Your blog is the BEST!!! it keeps our families involved with what you are up to throughout the day! Many of us mums and dads work and cannot come in to school, but I quite often log at morning tea time to show my collegues what is going on in the classroom. Dino has a look just to see what is happening in his old school too. Keep up the good work with your blog.
Vanessa (Bella's mum)
P.S. Maybe your Blog was so hot it passed 1st place and rocketed up amongst the stars.

Moturoa said...

Thank you Vanessa

It is great to know that you are using the blog to keep in touch with what is going on in the classroom.

That is what helps to make this log such a useful tool.