Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tullamore, Georgia, Amy, Hugo, Emily

I have travelled forward in time so I am dressed in my old fashioned clothes and I am overlooking Nelson in 2009. I am on the Centre of New Zealand.
This is me by the Fifeshire ship that crashed into the rock that we now call Fifeshire Rock. I nearly died on it but I am OK now. I am a good swimmer.
This is me in front of my great, great grandfather jewellery shop. His name was Louis Kerr.
Here am I by the Church Hill. People came to the Church Hill for protection after the Wairau Incident.
I am standing in front of the windmill at Miller's Acre. The windmill used to grind flour. It isn't there any more. It is now just a car park by the picture theatre in town.


Tullamore!!! said...

We look really old. my middle name is Fyfe that's why I chose Fifeshire rock.

By Tullamore.

Moturoa said...

Hey Tullamore

That was a good reason for picking the Fifeshire.

Hugo, I remember going into Kerr's Jewellery Shop when I was a little girl. It was a beautiful shop full of gold and silver rings and lots of clocks.

Allanah K

Mrs McGhie (Keamac) and Room 6 said...

Hi again everyone.

I have been having a lovely chat with your teacher tonight all about my family who came to New Zealand on the Fifeshire. It was really neat to see the picture of the Fifshire as your "blue screen" picture background Tullamore as the Fifeshire is very special to me. Your lovely teacher even took some photos of the settlers memorial for me so I could see my ancestors names - if you ask her nicely she might show you.

I am really enjoying learning all about Nelson's history through your blog posts. I hope to come and visit Nelson for myself one day.

From Mrs McGhie (Keamac)

Moturoa said...

Hey Tullamore,

Here are those photos that Keamac was talking about.

Click here to see them.

Allanah K

Mr. H said...

Thanks for the blog post. I will share this with the teachers at my school when we start up in a few weeks. Way to go. This is fantastic.

Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy your page looks great. You look wonderful in your old day clothes
From Mum

Anonymous said...

Just found this whilst researching my finance's family tree. (Walter) Louis Kerr was her Great, Great Grandfather also.