Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jessica, Bella, Kiera, Rachel, Jemma & Maisie's Yesterdays

This is me at the showgrounds in Richmond. All of the women are wearing dresses and all the men are wearing hats.
This is me in front of a photo of the Boulder Bank. It was a photo that we took on our Nelson Museum visit.
I am stood in front of the old Nelson Post Office in Trafalgar Street. Now we have a new Post Office there on the same site. The cars can park in the middle of the road like that there were less people and less cars about in the old days.

As you can see in the photo these are some horse-riding soldiers riding down Trafalgar Street in 1914. They are probably getting ready to go off to war.
This is the picture of me and it is when the settlers came and they started to build a village to live in. They burnt down the trees to start the village. As you can see they are working as hard as they can. Some are building, some are doing other stuff. This picture is in 1845.
This is me on the top of Spooner's Hill on the way to Murchison. I think that looks amazing. It is a painting painted by John Gully. He was a famous Nelson artist.


Moturoa said...

You all look wonderful.

Allanah K

Melissa Russell's EDM310 Blog said...

I love your pictures! You are all doing an amazing job and it seems that you are learning a lot.