Friday, August 14, 2009

Torbea's Yesterdays

This is my dog Winnie. She is 104 years old in human years. In dog years she is 15. I think she is quite old.
This is one of my fossils. It is called Lycoptera spelled (Ly-cop-cha). It was found in China. It lived during the Cretaceous (kerr-tash-ish) period 110 million years ago.
This is another fossil of mine. It is called Orthoceras (ortho-cera-ess). It is 350 million years old.
This is a Goniatite (Gon-a-tite).
This is a shell casing that my Dad got in the Solomon Islands when the person he was staying with in the Solomons was diving. It is from an anti-tank gun left over from World War II when there was a lot of fighting between the Japanese and the Americans.

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Moturoa said...

So one human year is worth seven dog years. I wonder who worked that out. Winnie is really old in any years really!

Allanah K