Wednesday, August 05, 2009

School Camping Song

Here is the song that Allanah's Housegroup, Westdale, is going to perform in the production. Rehearsals are going well and children need to become really familiar with the words and music so here they are.....

You could copy the words into your word processor or read them off the song sheet your teacher gave you and click here to hear the music and sing along!

In winter when it’s cold and damp,
I start to think of our school camp.
Living three nights in a tent,
Wondering where the three nights went,

Beneath the willows by the stream
A swimming hole that’s deep and clean.
The food we love, that we desire,
Is cooked upon an old campfire.

Camping when the days are long
Water, sun, fire and song
Water, sun, fire and song
School camping…

Pitching tents can be a laugh.
We all “pitch in” cuts time in half.
Not too tight! The guy rope snaps.
Down she comes a tent collapse!

Playing ball, and then at night
We all go out and play spotlight.
Round the campfire, songs we sing,
Our guitar just broke a string.


Big long walks through the day
When we get back, too tired to play.
Have some tea and feeling dead
We walk to our tents and fall in bed.

Late into the darkened night
We sit and talk in the dim light
Sharing lollies, we all scoff,
Teachers always tell us off!
(repeat verse 1)


Room 11 SPS said...

Wow did you really sing it and if you did how often? It is a extremely clever song it would have been fun to sing all together at camps.


Room 11 SPS said...

Wow cool song.I really like it!