Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Kiera's Shell

This is my shell from the prehistoric era. Some scientists went mining and found this so here it is. There is a prehistoric shell. It is a fossil of something. Does anyone know what kind of fossil it is? If you do please leave us a comment.


Moutere said...

Next week when we go to the museum you will be able to find out lots about fossils that are the same shape as this.
I think they are beautiful and really amazing!


Anonymous said...

It is an Amonite and I have one to


torbea said...

It is an Amonite.A little worm use to live in there and I have one.

glenview9 said...

Yes it's an ammonite. There's one in the Waitomo Museum that's HUGE. It's about 1m high!

Scientists think ammonites looked like this when they were alive 65 to 240 million years ago. They look a bit like squid or octopus with a shell.

Mr F. Room 9

Room 11 SPS said...

How many people have worked it out? I pretty sure it is a Amonite though. If we are right please let us know.


Room 11 SPS said...

I think it is a Amonite.
All the people that think that I think are right. But if it's not i don't know!!!