Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Going Back In Time

Today, while Moutere was visiting the Nelson Museum we took over their room and did a little dressing up and blue screening against their blue classroom wall. You can look forward to seeing more of us transported back in time. The photo behind Rachel is a painting of Nelson Harbour from long, long ago.

Jordan is by the old Nelson Post Office that was there before they pulled it down to build the new one.

These are Allanah's practice photos so she can stay one step ahead of her class when they all get a go at doing the blue screening for themselves.


Mrs McGhie (Keamac) and Room 6 said...

I love your blue screening - it's such a neat thing to do. I particularly like the picture behind Rachel as I think that must have been what Nelson looked like when my ancestor arrived in Nelson on the Fifeshire - she was 14 years old. I'm enjoying reading about all the interesting history you are exploring.
From Mrs McGhie

Ysobella s said...

Hi miss k it like I have missed
a lot. I am not going to be at school today say hi to motura and Georgia. I am wondering if we wun the net ball game.

Ysobella (bella)

Anonymous said...

HI miss k how was the museum was it fun and cool or not.

Ysobella (Bella)

Moturoa said...

Hi Bella

We missed you. We had a great time today at the museum and walking around town looking at the history that we can still see and at the old Bishop's School.

I was talking when the teacher was talking so I had to go and sit in the corner with a big pointy hat on with a 'D' on it. The 'D' stood for dunce or dummy. I didn't like that part cos everyone laughed at me.

WE will put up some photos tomorrow.

Get better

Allanah K

NZWaikato said...

What wonderful work - loved the students being Blue Screened by that and it looked so professional! Great idea! Always important for the teacher to stay one step ahead of the students too. Always.
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

Ysobella s said...

Wow you must have had a great time. what things did you see? were they cool or not so much? . Did you do the maths test today and home work or not I hope you are all having a cool time I miss you motura so much. I can not come to school sik because then all the clss will get sik.

Ysobella (Bella)

Mrs P said...

I really love the effect you have created with blue screening - your photos look very real. I have a year 3 and year 4 class in Howick, Auckland and we are also stepping back in time. Only just this week we dressed up and visited the Howick Historical Village which is a working museum set in the
1840's. My class will really enjoy visiting your blog.

Room 11 SPS said...

Awesome backgrounds I think that it must have been fun making it for everyone and then posting it!!!!!