Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Taine, Sefeti. Liam and Jacob's Photos

This is me by Auckland Point School. A train line used to run past where the school is now. Now all that area that used to be sea is land. They reclaimed the land by dumping lots of dirt into the sea. Now you can drive on it.
Here is me in front of a house in the olden days. It looks dark and scary but it would probably be OK to live in in the olden days.
This is me at Haulashore Island. There are saltwater baths at the bottom of the picture. They aren't there any more.
This is me at the Nelson Boys College before the earthquake and the fire. The steeple fell off in the Murchison earthquake.


Kylie said...

Hey Dude, Awesome costume. Sorry I cant be there next week to see the school performance. But Ive loved being able to spend the day at your school fair with you.
xxx Love mum.

Kylie said...

Ive had an awesome day at your school fair today dude and seeing you chop again. We miss you heaps down home and cant wait to see you in the holidays. xxxx Mum