Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Whale

Yesterday Tarn, Tarn's Mum, Tarn's little sister, Isaac, Raewyn, Mrs Pritchard and Allanah went on a big long walk down to the end of Rabbit Island- Moturoa to see if it was true- that there was a dead whale on the beach.

So you know where it is Allanah put this Google Earth Map on the blog so you know where to look. Here is what Tarn and Isaac had to say about the whale.
It took at least an hour to walk from the car park down to where the whale was. My Dad had told me about it from an item in the newspaper and my Mum said if I get all my homeowrk done I could chose a friend to come with us. My friend is Isaac.
It was awesome seeing such a big thing washed up on Rabbit Island. It is not something you see every day.
I wasn't enjoying the smell of the dead whale. It smelt like tons of rotten fish. We could only just stand the smell.
Isaac is standing in front of the whales head. It is pretty impressive. We could see the whale's blow hole.
Ilza threw up twice with the smell of the dead whale.
On the way home we saw Allanah, Mrs Pritchard and Raewyn coming down to look at the whale as well.

Keegan went down to Rabbit Island this morning just as the DOC workers were about to bulldoze a hole to bury the whale.


Anonymous said...

That looks like a really awesome site but I don't think I would have handled the bad small either. Thank-you for sharing. What an adventure you had!

sam said...

It looks humungous

Barb said...

What an amazing experience to see a real whale! Even if it was dead. I can just imagine the smell. You certainly got that bit across. I think I could smell it too.

MsBee on behalf of scoopers said...

Wow! You can begin to appreciate the true size of it when you see people standing next to a whale!That is most definitely something that you don't see everyday!

Do you know the story behind how the whale died and ended up on your beach? That would make an interesting read!

Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

zoe said...

thats relly sad i wish i could go and see it

Jesus said...

click here to see my photos when we launch the balloon

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Alexander and I am in p2 in Stirling, Scotland. My Grandad lives in Nelson and he told me about the whale. I wanted to see some photographs of it on the internet and my mum and I found your blog. Your pictures were lovely, but I wondered if you had a picture of the digger? I would like to see that!
best wishes from Scotland.....Alexander

Moturoa said...

Hello Alexander

I am Allanah- the teacher of Moturoa.

It is lovely to hear from you all the way over there in Scotland.

I didn't get to see the digger because I had to go back to school to teach the next morning but about five of the boys in my class were late for school that morning as their parents too them down to see the digger bury the whale.

When they came back they had wide eyes because of the smell of the whale as it got pushed into the hole that the digger had made. It was awful!

Thanks for reading our blog.

Best wishes to your Grandad. My grandad came from Scotland too!