Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our High, High Hopes

Mr Crosby's class from Sparks, Nevada, USA took our High Hopes high, high, high up beyond earth last week.
Last week Mr Crosby asked us to record our 'High Hopes' for the future so we added them as comments to his class blog. Our comments were then added to a balloon payload as it left the earth's atmosphere.

The balloon, filled with gas rose to 32,857 metres and lasted about 90 minutes before the balloon could not expand anymore and fell to the ground. As well as our high hopes it carried a camera that took photos every 30 seconds or so. They got some stunning photos of the earth far below.

You can see more of the photos of the flight on their Flickr photo site.

Thank you for a great opportunity.

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Miss Signal said...

Wow! What an amazing opportunity to be involved in. The photo's are amazing and really give you a good idea of just how high the balloon went. Thanks for sharing.
Miss Signal