Thursday, May 06, 2010

Discovery Time #3

Today we had our third Discovery Time with a few new choices. Harriet had shown an interest in how I managed to control the mouse for writing so well so I bought my Wacom tablet and pen to school for her to have a bit of a play with. She liked holding the stylus instead of the mouse.
The boys were very intent on their construction.
Making &^%$#'s day surprise cards was a popular activity.
We made salt dough 3D portraits. Then they get dried in the oven which will take a few days. Then we can paint and varnish them.
Grace enjoyed expressing her creativity making this wee guy out of playdough.
I brought some screws and a drill to add to our carpentry tools. Does anyone have a clamp we can borrow to help us hold the wood still while we saw it, hammer it or drill it???
Keegan has really got the hang of blowing huge bubbles.

We are starting to develop skills with the Lego Robot- this week we got it to park and to back off when we clapped our hands.

Wouldn't it be great to be part of a Robo-cup.

Is there anyone else out there who can challenge us to do something with our robot?

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Miss Signal said...

Wow, what a great time in your classroom! I wonder if you can program your robot to make it push a pencil or eraser back to you after you drop it. Or even pick it up and bring it back to you? Wouldn't that be handy!

Miss S.