Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Google Docs

I am really pleased with the way that children are learning using their Google Docs. We had our very first log in in the last week of last term and now look how far we have come. Last night Marshall showed us how to make a presentation in his Google Doc. I never taught him that. He worked it out for himself and shared it with me before school had even started. With a little clever internet wizardry we are able to share his presentation on our blog.

Santana worked really hard with her report on Whales in writing time also.

They swim in the sea and come up to the surface. They are the size of ten elephants in a row. Their habitat is big rocks they sleep amongst a lot of big rocks. There are a lot of kinds of whales. There is killer whales humpback sperm wale and baby whales. They live in the deep dark ocean. Whales eat plankton and a lot of other sea food. They swim in the sea looking for their baby whale.

Clever Santana wrote this story on the Alpha-Smart word processor and then uploaded it to her Google Doc and proof read it. She added a rather cool drawing in to her Google Doc as well.


Anonymous said...

Well done Marshall! Your slideshow looks even better than how described it on our way to school! Now i have learnt something to.


Pam Thompson said...

Good work Marshall, not only for learning how to make a presentation but then sharing your learning with Allanah.You're a good role model.